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Our 28 day February challenge begins with sharing our stories.  The art of storytelling begins with listening to stories as well as telling the stories of our lives.  This month we want you to talk and talk some more.  Tell your story, listen to your child’s story then find time write to write these down.  Your dinner table conversation will take on a life of its own. Years from now you will have a book of memories you will continue to share.  Instead of show and tell, think of it as tell and show.


Please share your child’s writing with us at on twitter @ kid2kidlit #fortheloveofwriting, or on our facebook page!

For the Love of Writing 28 Day Writing Challenge

Day 1:

  • Tell your child a story about what you love most about your friends

Day 2:

  • Have your child tell someone what they love most about their friends

Day 3:

  • Now, write what we told about our friends

Day 4:

  • Tell your child a list of all the people you love

Day 5:

  • Have your child tell you a list of everyone they love

Day 6:

  • I write/ you write.  On your list, you write a name, your child writes a name

Day 7:

  • Tell your child what you think love is

Day 8:

  • Have your child tell you what they think love is

Day 9:

  • Write and draw pictures about what you think love is

Day 10:

  • Tell your child about when you feel especially loved

Day 11:

  • Have your child tell you about when they feel especially loved

Day 12:

  • Write about how you can make another family member feel especially loved


Day 13:

  • Tell your child why everyone needs a friend

Day 14:

  • Have your child tell you about their friend and share with you any Valentine’s Day cards they have received.

Day 15:

  • Make a collage of all your Valentine’s Day cards as a reminder of all those who love you


Day 16:

  • Tell your child your favorite loves….food, color, animal etc

Day 17:

  • Have your child tell you about their favorites

Day 18:

  • Create and label a picture of these favorite things

Day 19:

  • Tell your child, “ I know _____loves me because_______”

Day 20:

  • Have your child tell you “ I know _____loves me because_______”

Day 21:

  • Write a card or letter to that person.

Day 22:

  • Make a list of all the ways you can show your family members you love them

Day 23:

  • Pick one of the things on your list and do it

Day 24:

  • Write about how your family member reacted and felt

Day 25:

  • Tell your child what makes your heart smile

Day 26:

  • Have your child tell you what makes their heart smile

Day 27:

  • Inside a heart drawn on the paper, write the story of what makes you smile


Day 28:  Have someone in your family tell you their “love story”

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