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Every Writer Is Different, BUT...

Need some of the same things.

One of the things all writers need is other writers. I was listening to a podcast by Author Dana De Geff about words and wonder.SHe struck such a chord with me when she talked about creating a community of writers. True writers pursue the desire to be creative and use their words to create wonder. Creative writing is a very personal activity that needs to be part of

a community. When I think of emerging writers, I love to reflect on what a community of writers can bring to an individual. Busting the myth that writing is done alone when you watch a roomful of young writers is evident. The act of writing can be done alone, but you need a community to help the writer and the writing reach its full potential. There is something special, even magical, about sitting quietly in a room writing and seeing others do the same. Looking up from your notebook and seeing those other writers and knowing those are the people who are going to help you. Just as readers need writers, writers need readers. We need readers to help us see if we choose the words to create wonder for our readers. Some children experience writing paralysis when told to go and "just" write something. They need a community to inspire and encourage them. I am so proud that creating this community of writers is exactly what we provide at Kid2KidLit. We provide it through coaching and peer interaction. We provide it through reading and rewriting. Please look at our writing opportunities on our website for children and know we will provide a community of writers that allows for perseverance and pride.

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