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Be Interesting

So, often young writers lament that they have nothing interesting to write about. When I was in graduate school, I had a professor who said, "If you want to write interesting stories, then do something interesting." I often was perplexed by this. I thought, parents determine if their children do something interesting. Then I realized that what seems mundane to some children is very interesting to others. It's not WHAT you write about, but HOW you write about it. Your daily routines can take on a life of their own if the language is intriguing. The simplest of activities can be described in an inspiring way. You can practice this with your child when you talk about what you see and do. Instead of saying, "look at that butterfly on the flower." Try this; "Look at that orange butterfly hovering above the flower? It's getting nectar and pollen. That is what it eats." Share the details. Share the vocabulary. Share the experience. Your child may be unable to take in all you share, but keep sharing. At some point, it will sink in and be used. Make their oral language exciting, and in turn, their written language will be compelling.

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